Dr Who: Why I Don’t Like Amy Pond

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Just a brief post on this topic.

I am a fairly newbie Whovian.  I started watching when Capaldi became 12th Doctor.  I have become absolutely hooked.  Been catching up on the modern Who (since 2005) binge watching a great deal (Thank you Amazon Prime!)   Given time, I hope to delve further into some classic Who.

Am up to Matt Smith as Doctor 11 now, Season 7.  I have tried.  Really in my heart tried to find something remotely likable about  Amelia aka Amy Pond to no avail.  I am not disparaging the actress Karen Gillan.   She seems lovely and talented with many fine qualities I am sure.  But the character of Amy is what I am having issues with.

Unlike previous & subsequent companions Amy doesn’t seem to have a heart.  She doesn’t show one iota of concern about humanities’ future.   Also little or no compassion for the fate of other species/races/planets.  Think of Donna Noble’s reaction to the Ood’s situation, or the many things Rose Tyler did.  No such response from Amy when she encounters others in trouble.  She seems only concerned about herself,  her personal safety and getting to run away with the Doctor.  She does show some affection for The Doctor obviously.   But I think it is only from what she figures he can give her.

Quite frankly the ONLY redemption I can find in Amy is in being the mother of our amazing River Song.  But even then, once Melody is stolen from her as a baby, Amy doesn’t even seem at all concerned to find her child or a desire to get her back.

Amy’s overall attitude and actions seem self-serving and petulant.   She wants all the adventure and wonder of being with the Doctor with none of the responsibility.  She’s disrespectful to most – especially Rory (so unfair to him)  I don’t think Amy Pond ever matured emotionally much past that little girl sitting in the garden. amelia-pond-the-girl-who-yeah-we-get-it1

I have to say I am about at the point where she is no longer Doctor’s companion and confess I feel nothing but  overwhelming relief at the thought.  I only suffered through her run to get the River Song story (that we know of anyway) and all the 11th Doctor background.  After the first few episodes with her, I was quite tempted to skip forward to when Clara comes aboard.  Sorry. Amelia Pond is “The Girl I Am Not Going To Miss At Al”.


Not My Jem – Jem And The Holograms Movie

October 18, 2015 1 comment


I stumbled onto Jem in the mid 80’s quite by accident.   I randomly turned on my TV one Sunday AM (early!).    There she was –this gorgeous pink haired, sweet, giving, loving, strong and smart pop rock goddess.    At the end of the episode, Jem’s goodness always triumphed over the scheming evil intent of the rival Misfits. The music and stories instantly grabbed me.  Been hooked and a huge fan ever since.

So, you can just imagine my excitement when it was revealed a live action version Jem and The Holograms film was a reality.   Then imagine my utter shock and dismay (like so many original Jem fans) when the first trailer was released.    Jem had basically been turned into a bedazzled, face painted Hanna Montana.

Here is my list of what is wrong with Jon M Chu’s Jem movie.

1 – Jem/Jerrica Benton was never the angst filled teen in the original series.  She was an adult woman (as were her bandmates) running Starlight foundation and home for at risk girls as well as her own record company.   Independent, strong and confident – great role model.  In the original series,  Synergy (more on her in a bit) transformed Jerrica into her alter ego Jem via special earrings.   Jem was the pop superstar.   Jerrica was not fame or fortune seeking.   She did this primarily to fund Starlight.   Not for her own glory or aspirations.   The film does not correctly portray her character.

2 – Shame about Shana:  I don’t really know the ethnicity of the girl portraying her in the movie.  But in the series Shana is African American.    Shouldn’t she have been cast that way?

3 – Star-lite Girls? :  Jerrica’s bandmates in the film seem like they would be more akin to the girls in Starlight home, rather than the lead characters.   Dropouts?  Lacking integrity and morals?   The original Holograms were never like that.   Teens were cast to draw the key Young Adult demo – spinning it as Jem for “a new generation”.

4 – I go to Rio:  Rio Pacheco was never SPOILER ALERT Eric (female Eric-a in the film) son or related in any way.  He managed Jem and the band, and was love interest to Jem/Jerrica.

5 – We Are (Where are?) The Misfits : nowhere to be seen in the film. Except at the end credits where it is rumored Kesha (as Pizzazz) makes a very brief appearance.   I guess the movie makers are hoping it is so successful it spawns a sequel/franchise.   I wouldn’t hold my breath.    Also no Stingers, another group that made an appearance late in the series.

6 – The Big Deception: It actually seems like something straight out of a Misfits playbook. (Courtesy of IMDB) “The filmmakers made a request for fan participation in the form of open auditions for actors, singers, dancers, costume designers and other crew members to promote the film and to engage potential geniuses. It was later proved that this was just a viral marketing ploy in order to garner more attention for the film – the film was fully cast with Hollywood actors, cast and crew several months before this online casting call was put out.”  Really?!!  SMH.

7 – Showtime Synergy? : So much to say here.  In the original series “Synergy is actually a machine created by Jerrica and Kimber’s father, Emmett Benton.  She was designed to be a pseudo mother figure to the girls after his impending death and was even based on his wife Jacqui’s likeness.  Through Jem’s earrings, Synergy can project highly realistic holograms, the main one being the hologram that turns Jerrica into Jem.  Synergy is quite wise and speaks as if she were human; she doesn’t talk with a computer voice or just answer questions.  She is almost an angelic type figure.  Synergy can make herself appear in a human form, or any form she likes but rarely does.  Synergy is extremely powerful and could be very dangerous in the wrong hands, so must she, and Jem must be kept secret at all times”   (Courtesy Jem vs. Pranceatron Character Encyclopedia)   In the upcoming film?  Reduced to essentially a little projection robot one can pick up at ToysRUs.    This has to be the biggest epic fail of the film as it neglects the very heart and soul of what literally made Jem – Jem.  Synergy is absolutely integral and to turn the character into basically a toy turns my stomach.

8 – Old Trope:  Young girl gets discovered unwittingly (this time via You Tube) becomes overnight sensation.   Then has to decide whether to forsake her friends and go solo or stay true to what she knows is right.   Not bad, but been done before 1000 times and ways.  You could’ve taken almost any single episode of Jem the original series, fleshed it out, and had a more interesting story full of music, adventure and action.  If you wanted it directed to a teen audience, why not focus on Starlight House, the girls who lived there and Jerrica working to keep it going?

9 – X Marx the Spot?  Christy Marx (original creator) apparently does have a cameo in the film and has been very gracious when addressing the film publicly.   But she was not included in any way in the creative process or consulted as part of the film.  If she had been, I think the film would’ve stayed true to who Jem was and her story.   It’s like leaving Stan Lee out of a Marvel film – unthinkable and very disrespectful to the talented Ms. Marx frankly.

Other reimagined reboots have somehow managed to retain an essence of the heart and soul of their original source.   It is as if Chu never even cared or bothered to attempt it.   The film is Jem in name only.  That is the biggest tragedy of all.   A live version Jem had the potential to be AWESOME AND EPIC in the true sense of the words.   Instead, the fans of the original got slapped in the face – alienating and enraging them in many cases.  TRULY OUTRAGEOUS?  Yes – but not in the way Jem ever meant it.

What have they done?

What have they done?

A Plea to Sellers from a Long Time EBay Buyer

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This is what drives me crazy lately on EBay.
I have sold a few things there. Mostly though, I am a buyer.
Yes, I know EBay really has small, private sellers up against it and is not fair to them. The ever increasing fees for listing and selling there. No real protection from unscrupulous buyers. Always changing criteria for what makes a top seller and the star ratings. A HORRID search engine program. No real customer service or support. Etc.
However, I have seen NUMEROUS complaints from these sellers about bad & low sales. I submit that some of that could be due to lazy listing practices. That is preventable.
Whatever happened to the old EBay adage?
“Describe as if there were no pictures, and take pictures as if there were no description”
That is hardly the case in the listings I am seeing any more.
Perhaps sales would increase if sellers simply took a little time to apply that rule to their listings.
Nothing will make me (as a buyer) hit the back button faster than a vague “in great shape” one sentence description that gives me zero details and tells me nothing really about the condition of the item. Oh, and then added “see pics” – which is one that doesn’t even enlarge! (Usually done from a mobile phone on the fly )
Sellers – you are paying good $ to list on EBay. Make it worth your while and give yourself the best chance for a sale. Put yourself in buyers’ shoes. We cannot physically pick up and inspect your item. So all we have to go on is what you tell and show us. Also sellers, I would think that properly detailing your descriptions dramatically decreases the chance of a SNAD case. Also, you are much less likely to be peppered with tons of “annoying” questions from potential buyers if you have covered everything adequately! Of course if you tell me nothing initially I am going to message you and ask what I need to know if I am truly interested! Not to be annoying but because I NEED to know to make a decision.
I know there is a school of thought lately among many EBay sellers to not overwhelm buyers with details. “They won’t read the description anyway” At least for me, personally, that is not true. A smart buyer will thoroughly look at each picture and read every word of the listing before bidding or buying. I am by nature a detail oriented person. The more you tell me about something, the more likely I am going to want to buy from you. Certain information it crucial to making a buying decision!! Oh and pictures please! I believe EBay allows you to add up to 12 pics. Provide good pictures of the actual item (not a stock photo stolen from the internet), in proper lighting, showing everything.
Final note: Please preview your listing making sure everything is proper. Take the time to revise/edit if necessary. ( I have seen things not come up in a search due to careless misspellings in the listing title! )
A quality listing will attract quality buyers and can only help improve your bottom line.
Sold sign

An open letter to RTD Denver

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It probably won’t make a difference to them. But I sent this to RTD regarding (in my perfect world) improvements I would like to see:

The 79L Bus should run at least a handful of specific times each weekend day btwn 6 AM and 11 PM and more frequently during the weekdays. I live on S Xenia Way so 79L COULD BE the perfect route for me EXCEPT presently have to take 3 buses (or arrange alternative transportation other than the bus) to get to & from one of my 2 jobs on the weekend. Due to the fact 79L doesn’t run and the buses I then take run so many less times over the weekend, this is becoming more and more a major inconvenience and issue for me. Especially if a bus is running late and I miss a connection. Literally hour(s) spent just waiting for the next bus(es) – waste of time. I know I cannot be the only one that would benefit from an increase in service for our area.
I also strongly feel ALL routes should run just as frequently on weekends as they do weekdays. People have jobs and places they need to be in a timely way on Saturdays and Sundays these days too. Seems this could only serve to increase loyal ridership. People will ride more if and when it is made easier for them to do so!
ALL bus stops should have benches/seating that are sheltered. They should have dusk to dawn lighting (perhaps solar powered?) as well for safety & visibility. Each stop should also have a large trash can so people don’t leave food and other unsightly messes everywhere on and around the stop. Instead of hard to read paper schedules in plastic frames, there should be the large, easy to read LED signs showing the next few (real) times the bus(es) is(are) due for that specific stop – at EACH stop. Wouldn’t that decrease the volume of calls to RTD customer service to find that information out?
It would create jobs! RTD could hire extra PT crews specifically for the maintenance and cleanup of these stops. (the “adopt a stop” program seems pretty useless as they are not kept up with very well by those they allegedly are “adopted” by).
This would afford a great deal more convenience and comfort to passengers waiting for buses. Perhaps to discourage loitering, crime, etc the shelters could have a locked door that only opened by some type of pass code? Or even pay per use -.25 cents to enter per ½ hour or something. That way (mostly) only those with $ and who are actually intending to board a bus would attempt to gain access.
Please note: I FOR ONE WOULD BE WILLING TO PAY A HIGHER FARE IF AND ONLY IF any of these were to be put in place. I AM NOT crazy about paying more because of Union Station redo and more light rail which do nothing for me and not routes I ever need to travel.
I also think buses either need to be able to make change OR accept credit/debit cards for passengers who don’t have a pass. I saw a (tourist?) couple really inconvenienced this past weekend because they didn’t know you would need to have exact change to ride. Hard to ask other passengers if they have change. Sadly, not many are willing/able to help out a stranger these days with something like that.

RTD always says that bus service doesn’t have enough ridership to justify improvements like this. I don’t necessarily believe that because the buses I take (Routes 21,24,79L,83L,40) are almost always packed, all the time, even on weekend late evenings. I firmly believe if RTD put the convenience and comfort of their passengers FOR ONCE front and center (rather than profit, fastraks and other pet development projects) they would see bus ridership increase dramatically. Then that would be a win/win all around.

Now Showing – Thoughts from a movie theater employee

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I work part time (in addition to my full time weekday job) at a small 8 screen movie theater in a mall. I mostly work in box office selling tickets. To maintain confidentiality, I cannot disclose any further specifics.
Here are some things I wish people knew and did when they come to the movies:
• Don’t verbally abuse the staff. Sadly, this is increasingly becoming a serious issue!! We are trying to work as efficiently as we can – under constraints you might not be aware of and often with minimal staffing. Yes, we have to give friendly customer service but I don’t believe that gives ANYONE the right to take out their bad mood and frustrations on those behind the counters. Your patience is always appreciated. The rank and file staff does not set pricing or policies in general. If you feel you have a legitimate complaint, you can always speak to a manager. Treat others the way you would wish to be treated if the situation were reversed. That one rule goes a long way to create a pleasant experience for everyone.
• Do a little prior research and have some idea of the movie you want to see as well as the correct show time you want tickets for before you approach the ticket counter. Yes, we can help you with suggestions and tell you what we have playing and when. However, when there is a long line it can really hold others up while you talk with the box office and are trying to decide.
• Don’t block access or cut in front of a ticket or concessions line. That isn’t fair to the other guests who have been waiting and is frankly, rude. This we have learned since Kindergarten.
• If you are looking up a theater and movie times via internet, please double check your search results for accuracy before making the trip to the theater. Sometimes people arrive expecting a movie or show time that simply isn’t at our specific venue. We hate to see customers disappointed this way!
• While you are waiting in line, please take the time to get out rewards cards, coupons, passes, etc. Have your form of payment ready. Small bills and/or exact change (when paying in cash) are greatly appreciated. Please make your cashier aware of any special considerations you have BEFORE they put through the transaction. That will speed everyone through a little faster and prevent delays.
• Please keep your little ones under your control, safe and secure at all times. We love your kids, but we are not a day care.
• Please be personally responsible and pick up after yourself a little when your movie is over (i.e. – throw out your own trash whenever possible). Make sure you aren’t about to leave any personal items behind. Ushers have very little time between shows to pick up the theaters and restrooms. You would not believe the horrible mess people leave behind often making it hard for us to give you a clean, comfortable movie going experience.
• Please give yourself plenty of time to get to the theater, park, and purchase your tickets as well as concessions. It will almost always take a little longer than you think, especially on opening weekend of a popular movie. You can usually count on about 10-15 minutes of ads and trailers prior to the feature starting. If coming with a very large group we always appreciate a call to give us a heads up so we can be ready to accommodate the crowd. I always suggest arriving 15 minutes PRIOR to show time so you can get your popcorn, don’t miss anything and can easily find a comfortable seat.
• The theater I work at is in a mall but that does not mean I am an expert on the mall or the stores. Please contact MALL guest services or MALL security for assistance.
• Don’t get offended if asked to show ID for R-rated movies. The theater chain I work for requires we card anyone who “looks” younger than 25 for R rated and has even been known to send “test” young people in to see if we are complying with that policy. We can actually be terminated on the spot if we don’t check and sell a ticket to someone who is too young. Also, it is an effort to make sure the appropriate audience member will be comfortable with the mature content of those types of films.
• Please make every effort NOT to be on your cell or other device when getting tickets and concessions. We actually need your attention to confirm your order and make sure everything is correct. It goes without saying but please silence your phone/device during the movie! Again – COURTESY for others.
• If you simply want to find out what movies are playing & when, most theater chains have established 800hotlines or an app dedicated to giving you that information. Please try those before calling the main theater number.
• If money is tight, the cheapest rates are usually matinees during the weekdays (M-TH) or the earliest show times on the weekend. Peak evening hours will almost always be more expensive. Keep in mind, 3D versions will cost you a bit more as well.
• I suggest if you have a theater chain reward card, always have the physical card with you. Yes, we should be able to look you up in the system, but at times that doesn’t work and can be time consuming. If you aren’t a rewards card member yet, please consider the benefits and sign up! They really are designed to give you the most bang for your buck and to thank you for your loyalty. Get everything you deserve.
• If you are given one, please take a few minutes and complete the Customer Satisfaction Survey (usually done online) about your movie going experience. It really is important to us and appreciated. We can only improve from the problems we hear about. We also love compliments and any suggestions. I can guarantee – corporate and management DO pay very close attention to these. They DO listen and care.

Come On 2014 – I think I’m ready for you!

December 30, 2013 Leave a comment

Here are my 2014 Goals and Resolutions (for lack of a better term): 

Daily Prayer need: wisdom and clarity of mind/heart.   As far as my personal responsibility in them, the majority of my problems/struggles in life stem from bad emotionally based decision making.   So this prayer is imperative.

Uninterrupted, undistracted devotional time every AM.  No compromise. This includes Bible reading/study, prayer and praise and worship music.

To make my coffee at home and take it in to work in a travel mug instead of spending more $ for it someplace.  Also buy everything in advance at the grocery store (soda, water, snacks, lunch for work, etc.) instead of fast food places or convenience stores – or God forgive me, vending machines.  In fact, the ONLY thing I can buy at a gas station – is gas for my car for all of 2014.  No fast food eating out for the entire year.   These are by far my personal biggest money and time wasters.  Admit this will be an adjustment for me at first and take discipline, budgeting better and time management. 

To find a better job that pays enough for me to live out on my own again and NOT have to work a 2nd part time job.  I am too old and exhausted for “roomies” and multiple jobs, frankly.  Target date May 31 when my initial lease with roommate(s) expires.   No later than a year (next Dec) for sure.

Dress much better and professionally for my current 9-5 job (not to mention if/when I get a better one) I am allowed to be very casual at my present work and have gotten lazy about this.   Remember to dress for the job I WANT not the one I have.   Along that line, build a real wardrobe.   Plan:  to put together one really quality outfit (for $100 or less including bag, shoes and any other accessories) every month.   Usually via EBay and/or 2nd hand stores.   Side benefit: it will help me feel better about myself and hopefully garner a little more respect from others.    Sadly many people DO judge you (harshly!) on outward appearance. 

To track every single penny I spend, create a real working budget and stick to it like superglue so I can spend it on things that really matter.

To plan & save for a small getaway NEXT holiday season.  I don’t have family to spend it with and every year I find myself sorely wishing I had done this.  Goal for next Christmas thru New Year:  current idea: Vegas for a few days, the Hoover Dam and the Grand Canyon (Never seen it!).  (I don’t gamble – just to see the sights and maybe a show or two in sin city).   Not undoable or terribly extravagant traveling from Colorado. 

Also NEXT Christmas: Do a 1 page “newsletter” and/or cards; do the tree, lights, decorations and music.  Do real Christmas shopping for people.   I didn’t really do much of anything this year for the Holiday due to a move and financial distress.  Need to rekindle the joy of the season for myself.

To go through every single thing I own.  Purge (sell or donate) what is not absolutely necessary, not being used and/or not really loved.  Index and organize what remains – a place for everything and everything in its place.   Same for anything and everything new I buy and bring in.

Get my car fully detailed by end of January and work to keep it maintained and clean all year!

Keep my living and work spaces immaculate:  tidy, picked up, disinfected, deodorized and 100% clean

As much as I hate it, take the bus to and from work daily to save maintenance and gas on vehicle.  I can get a free bus pass from work anyway.

Walk every day and a drink 20 oz. (min) of pure water daily.  Can put flavoring in water if necessary to build the habit.   So many of my physical issues are stemming from not doing this – especially mild dehydration.   Never been big on lots of water, so keeping it realistic – but my body is telling me it needs it.

Limit personal email and phone message checking to 2x day:  9 am and 3 pm.    Twitter and any other social networks only once a day (after I get home from work, while dinner is cooking) – then done.   This is aside from true emergencies or something honestly vital is happening that I have to monitor.   It can wait!  I need downtime away from people, the internet and to unplug.   Other personal internet browsing limited to ½ hour a day in the am before work while having breakfast/coffee – reserved for job hunting primarily.  Outside of that, I can’t think of anything in my personal life that would truly require a more immediate response or presence.  Absolutely NO personal internet at work!! 

NO donuts, chocolates, cookies, pastry (or any other sweet deserts/snacks in general) and NO alcohol in 2014 (yep, not even socially).  Just don’t need them in my life OR body.  They certainly won’t help with clarity of mind and heart.  Empty calories and empty money spent on them too. 

 How about you?  What do you want your life to be in 2014?



























All I need is the air that I breathe…

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Just read about a Pennsylvania school asking students to cut back on body spray. Apparently another student had a severe allergic reaction.

There are flat out just too many heavily fragranced products being used today. Think about all that we expose ourselves to on a daily basis: Colognes, perfumes, cleaning products, candles and air “fresheners”, laundry detergents and dryer sheets, hair, bath and cosmetic items, etc. Isolated, just one probably wouldn’t be an issue. But we don’t do that. These items are used together – potentially toxic. Especially when you consider many are still primarily petroleum based.

I am chemically sensitive and allergic. While not as severe as this student, perfume and fragrances do indeed cause breathing problems and other health issues for me. Scoff if you will but I ask you to walk a mile in my shoes before ridiculing. Yes, even pleasant fragrance can have a negative effect on me.

These high school kids are probably influenced by the Axe commercial indicating you will be irresistible if you use it. So they bathe themselves in the stuff.

If you simply must use perfume or cologne in public, I implore you to go very light with it. Please take into consideration that others you come in contact with may be sensitive (not to mention may simply not share your taste your chosen fragrance). There is no need to drown yourself in a scent. Cologne or perfume is not a substitute for a proper shower, either. Neither is Febreeze a substitute for cleaning (despite what the ads try to show).

I do strongly feel there should be an injunction against wearing fragrance for someone who is working around food. In particular restaurants, convenience stores and grocery stores. Nothing is less appetizing than having perfume being served with your meal. It is difficult enough to navigate the supermarket (with my sensitivities) carefully avoiding the floral department, personal care aisle and household cleaning areas. Lately I am noticing more store employees doused in fragrance as well.

I just want to breath clean fresh air please.


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