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Hello 2K10! Introducing myself


For 2010

My first official post!  Thought I would start with some basics so you can know who I am.
Happily single, never married, no kids.  Not seeking a relationship.  I am a middle-aged female – 46.   No, I am not a cougar!

Have one cat Lucy, 2 going on 3 years old.  She came into my life unexpectedly end of August 2009.  This cat is one playful lovebug!    She has an obsession with playing with reusable grocery bags and pens and pencils.  I don’t know why.     She has had a little upset tummy as of late.  Going to make vet appointment for that.

Politically conservative with strong libertarian leanings.  I do not consider myself extreme in those views.  I am pretty much equally put out with all established political parties.

Religion: Christian since 1981; non denominational

Work for the state of Colorado as an Administrative Assistant III.   Also do part-time customer service phone work from home to supplement.  I am seeking a new job preferably still with state government, but a different agency.

Love playing adventure PC games and casual games.  I always need a walk through!  Not into combat RPG types.  Why?  Because I totally suck at the fighting, frankly.   Poor reflexes? 

I do not know how often I will post a blog here.  I do intend to do  a weekly review of DVD movies I have watched.   I will try my very best to use correct spelling, punctuation and grammar.  But my writing will be casual.  I tend to write how I would say it if talking to you face to face. 

Favorite drink: Coffee, Diet Pepsi Max

Favorite food: Pizza (supreme w/everything except anchovies please). 

I confess I am a TV addict. Mostly sci-fi and crime dramas.  Currently favorite shows are:  House, 24, The Closer, Men of  A Certain Age, Castle, NCIS, Saving Grace, V, Flash Forward, LOST,  Mythbusters, Criminal Minds, CSI NY, Burn Notice, CSI, The Mentalist, Stargate Universe, Eureka, Warehouse 13, Fringe.  Guilty Pleasure Shows: Pawn Stars, Parking Wars, CSI Miami.  (Thank God for the DVR! )  Growing on me: NCIS LA and Lie To Me.

I am a doll collector of vintage and some modern fashion dolls.  However, sometimes a different type doll will strike my fancy from time to time.   A little variety is good!  Main ones: Vintage Barbie and especially her cousin Francie.  Tiny Kitty Collier (Tonner/Effanbee); Vivette (DAE Originals) (pictured) ; Little Miss Revlon (Ideal) and look-alikes.  Jem (Kenner/Hasbro); Vintage Dawn (Topper) and other 6.5 in dolls.  I also love “grow hair/hair play” dolls like Crissy and Velvet (Ideal).   I mainly love the beauty and incredible clothes!  I don’t collect for investment or resale – just pure pleasure.  Selfishly for me.

Favorite books: The Bible, Lord of the Rings, Messiah by Boris Starling; The Women’s Murder Club series by Patterson. 

Favorite Movies: Bourne series, The Matrix Trilogy, LOTR movies, all the Harry Potter series.  Too many others to name. I also enjoy some old classics.   One I have to mention as a must see: Joe vs The Volcano with a young Tom Hanks and Meg Ryan.  At some point I will probably write a longer post as to why that movie.

I live in a high-rise apartment in downtown Denver, CO.   I plan to find a different less expensive apartment when my lease expires in March.

I am quite petite.  4’11” (barely!) ; 90 lbs soaking wet.  It is extremely difficult to find clothes that fit correctly!

I don’t drink alcohol, smoke,  sleep around, gamble or do drugs (prescription or otherwise).  Yes, I am very boring.  But healthier and safer I think. 

Favorite movie actor: Matt Damon  Favorite movie actress: Catherine Zeta-Jones

My family history is a long story which I probably won’t go into much.  Not very positive or pleasant.  I have one sister and we were raised by my maternal grandparents.  My grandfather is still alive and lives in my hometown.

I am a former Mary Kay consultant.  As for why the former part, visit www.pinktruth.com.  I have moved on and leaving that chapter of my life closed.  Thankfully MK is behind me forever.

In 2K10, I am focusing on growing my relationship with God, my internal character and integrity.

 Happy Blessed New Year everyone!

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