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The Reality of Switching to Magic Jack Plus Phone Service

Switching to Magic Jack plus – My real experience

COST: initial order of Magic Jack Plus device from official website.
I used a debit card so was charged for the year upfront.
If you use an actual CC they won’t charge it for 30 days.
Order Summary

Qty Product Code Description Price Each Subtotal Charge Date
1 MJPLUS6995 magicJack PLUS/EasyPay 30 Day Money Back Guarantee 69.95 69.95 12/31/2011
1 RUSH395 magicJack Express Tracking Mail 3.95 3.95 12/31/2011
1 STDSHIP795 Shipping & Handling 7.95 7.95 12/31/2011
1 REGULATORYFEES4.8 Regulatory and Compliance Expense 3.93 3.93 12/31/2011


I wanted to keep my present landline phone number. What I didn’t know beforehand is that they charged a fee for porting your number. That was an extra $20 + fees.

Order Summary

Qty Product Code Description Price Each Subtotal Charge Date
1 TRANSFERINNUMBER1999 U.S. Phone Number – Transfer In Fee 19.99 19.99 01/08/2012
1 TRANSFERINNUMBER U.S. Phone Number – Transfer In 0.00 0.00 01/08/2012
1 MJPLUSSTDDIALPLAN magicJack PLUS Standard Dialing Plan 0.00 0.00 01/08/2012
1 REGULATORYFEES4.8 Regulatory and Compliance Expense 0.96 0.96 01/08/2012


There is also an auto renewal fee of $9 I believe which ensures you renew when your service is up.
They give you a strong warning you might not be able to keep your current number if you don’t set up auto renew so I did. They give a substantial deal if you sign up for 5 years. Since I am unsure of this, I opted not to. May do so when my year is up next January.
If you count that, My total cost for the Magic Jack Plus and the year of service was $115.73. Not too bad considering that is about 2 months worth based on what Century Link charged me.
I feel it is a little misleading in their advertisement that it states you can use it “without” a computer. Obviously you do need one. The main difference is that I believe prior versions you could only plug in the device into your computer (not the wall) and you had to leave your computer on all the time. With Magic Jack plus you have the option of connecting to your modem or router with the networking cable provided, and then plugging the Magic Jack device with the adaptor into the wall. You don’t need to leave your computer on.
To register initially, you MUST plug the device directly into your USB port. In most cases it should start loading the software automatically. If not, you will have to chat with tech support. They will most likely give you an update link to get the software going. My system had some trouble recognizing the device initially, but eventually did. I have read some folks with Windows 7 have had issues.
This is VOIP service. So you do need solid, always on high speed internet connection like cable or DSL for the service to work smoothly. I don’t believeit works with satellite internet. It won’t work with dial up. You can connect to a modem or router with the networking cable provided and then plug the device into the wall. Or you can keep the device plugged directly into a USB port on your PC.
I initially thought I would do this my little Ready wifi internet. But it isn’t sufficient or stable enough for Magic Jack. So, I am renewing my DSL with Century Link.  I had hoped to drop them completely and will if there is one ounce more dissatisfaction with them. Then I will have to get Comcast cable internet.
I didn’t think I would, but I think I am going to get a good binaural VOIP headset and mostly use the soft phone from the computer. With my hearing loss that may work better for me , and just seems easier somehow.
If my internet is off and computer shut down, incoming calls go straight to voice mail. And I get them sent to an email account of my choice. I like that. The softphone acts as caller ID and lists all calls.
Here is a straight forward video on setting it up.  I thought this would be better than me trying to say anything about it.

We’ll see. This is the phone service I have for a year anyway.

As you can tell, I am not a high tech person. I am sure those who are may be going “d’uh”. I just wanted to share a lay persons experience.

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