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Come On 2014 – I think I’m ready for you!

December 30, 2013 Leave a comment

Here are my 2014 Goals and Resolutions (for lack of a better term): 

Daily Prayer need: wisdom and clarity of mind/heart.   As far as my personal responsibility in them, the majority of my problems/struggles in life stem from bad emotionally based decision making.   So this prayer is imperative.

Uninterrupted, undistracted devotional time every AM.  No compromise. This includes Bible reading/study, prayer and praise and worship music.

To make my coffee at home and take it in to work in a travel mug instead of spending more $ for it someplace.  Also buy everything in advance at the grocery store (soda, water, snacks, lunch for work, etc.) instead of fast food places or convenience stores – or God forgive me, vending machines.  In fact, the ONLY thing I can buy at a gas station – is gas for my car for all of 2014.  No fast food eating out for the entire year.   These are by far my personal biggest money and time wasters.  Admit this will be an adjustment for me at first and take discipline, budgeting better and time management. 

To find a better job that pays enough for me to live out on my own again and NOT have to work a 2nd part time job.  I am too old and exhausted for “roomies” and multiple jobs, frankly.  Target date May 31 when my initial lease with roommate(s) expires.   No later than a year (next Dec) for sure.

Dress much better and professionally for my current 9-5 job (not to mention if/when I get a better one) I am allowed to be very casual at my present work and have gotten lazy about this.   Remember to dress for the job I WANT not the one I have.   Along that line, build a real wardrobe.   Plan:  to put together one really quality outfit (for $100 or less including bag, shoes and any other accessories) every month.   Usually via EBay and/or 2nd hand stores.   Side benefit: it will help me feel better about myself and hopefully garner a little more respect from others.    Sadly many people DO judge you (harshly!) on outward appearance. 

To track every single penny I spend, create a real working budget and stick to it like superglue so I can spend it on things that really matter.

To plan & save for a small getaway NEXT holiday season.  I don’t have family to spend it with and every year I find myself sorely wishing I had done this.  Goal for next Christmas thru New Year:  current idea: Vegas for a few days, the Hoover Dam and the Grand Canyon (Never seen it!).  (I don’t gamble – just to see the sights and maybe a show or two in sin city).   Not undoable or terribly extravagant traveling from Colorado. 

Also NEXT Christmas: Do a 1 page “newsletter” and/or cards; do the tree, lights, decorations and music.  Do real Christmas shopping for people.   I didn’t really do much of anything this year for the Holiday due to a move and financial distress.  Need to rekindle the joy of the season for myself.

To go through every single thing I own.  Purge (sell or donate) what is not absolutely necessary, not being used and/or not really loved.  Index and organize what remains – a place for everything and everything in its place.   Same for anything and everything new I buy and bring in.

Get my car fully detailed by end of January and work to keep it maintained and clean all year!

Keep my living and work spaces immaculate:  tidy, picked up, disinfected, deodorized and 100% clean

As much as I hate it, take the bus to and from work daily to save maintenance and gas on vehicle.  I can get a free bus pass from work anyway.

Walk every day and a drink 20 oz. (min) of pure water daily.  Can put flavoring in water if necessary to build the habit.   So many of my physical issues are stemming from not doing this – especially mild dehydration.   Never been big on lots of water, so keeping it realistic – but my body is telling me it needs it.

Limit personal email and phone message checking to 2x day:  9 am and 3 pm.    Twitter and any other social networks only once a day (after I get home from work, while dinner is cooking) – then done.   This is aside from true emergencies or something honestly vital is happening that I have to monitor.   It can wait!  I need downtime away from people, the internet and to unplug.   Other personal internet browsing limited to ½ hour a day in the am before work while having breakfast/coffee – reserved for job hunting primarily.  Outside of that, I can’t think of anything in my personal life that would truly require a more immediate response or presence.  Absolutely NO personal internet at work!! 

NO donuts, chocolates, cookies, pastry (or any other sweet deserts/snacks in general) and NO alcohol in 2014 (yep, not even socially).  Just don’t need them in my life OR body.  They certainly won’t help with clarity of mind and heart.  Empty calories and empty money spent on them too. 

 How about you?  What do you want your life to be in 2014?




























The Reality of Switching to Magic Jack Plus Phone Service

January 11, 2012 Leave a comment

Switching to Magic Jack plus – My real experience

COST: initial order of Magic Jack Plus device from official website.
I used a debit card so was charged for the year upfront.
If you use an actual CC they won’t charge it for 30 days.
Order Summary

Qty Product Code Description Price Each Subtotal Charge Date
1 MJPLUS6995 magicJack PLUS/EasyPay 30 Day Money Back Guarantee 69.95 69.95 12/31/2011
1 RUSH395 magicJack Express Tracking Mail 3.95 3.95 12/31/2011
1 STDSHIP795 Shipping & Handling 7.95 7.95 12/31/2011
1 REGULATORYFEES4.8 Regulatory and Compliance Expense 3.93 3.93 12/31/2011


I wanted to keep my present landline phone number. What I didn’t know beforehand is that they charged a fee for porting your number. That was an extra $20 + fees.

Order Summary

Qty Product Code Description Price Each Subtotal Charge Date
1 TRANSFERINNUMBER1999 U.S. Phone Number – Transfer In Fee 19.99 19.99 01/08/2012
1 TRANSFERINNUMBER U.S. Phone Number – Transfer In 0.00 0.00 01/08/2012
1 MJPLUSSTDDIALPLAN magicJack PLUS Standard Dialing Plan 0.00 0.00 01/08/2012
1 REGULATORYFEES4.8 Regulatory and Compliance Expense 0.96 0.96 01/08/2012


There is also an auto renewal fee of $9 I believe which ensures you renew when your service is up.
They give you a strong warning you might not be able to keep your current number if you don’t set up auto renew so I did. They give a substantial deal if you sign up for 5 years. Since I am unsure of this, I opted not to. May do so when my year is up next January.
If you count that, My total cost for the Magic Jack Plus and the year of service was $115.73. Not too bad considering that is about 2 months worth based on what Century Link charged me.
I feel it is a little misleading in their advertisement that it states you can use it “without” a computer. Obviously you do need one. The main difference is that I believe prior versions you could only plug in the device into your computer (not the wall) and you had to leave your computer on all the time. With Magic Jack plus you have the option of connecting to your modem or router with the networking cable provided, and then plugging the Magic Jack device with the adaptor into the wall. You don’t need to leave your computer on.
To register initially, you MUST plug the device directly into your USB port. In most cases it should start loading the software automatically. If not, you will have to chat with tech support. They will most likely give you an update link to get the software going. My system had some trouble recognizing the device initially, but eventually did. I have read some folks with Windows 7 have had issues.
This is VOIP service. So you do need solid, always on high speed internet connection like cable or DSL for the service to work smoothly. I don’t believeit works with satellite internet. It won’t work with dial up. You can connect to a modem or router with the networking cable provided and then plug the device into the wall. Or you can keep the device plugged directly into a USB port on your PC.
I initially thought I would do this my little Ready wifi internet. But it isn’t sufficient or stable enough for Magic Jack. So, I am renewing my DSL with Century Link.  I had hoped to drop them completely and will if there is one ounce more dissatisfaction with them. Then I will have to get Comcast cable internet.
I didn’t think I would, but I think I am going to get a good binaural VOIP headset and mostly use the soft phone from the computer. With my hearing loss that may work better for me , and just seems easier somehow.
If my internet is off and computer shut down, incoming calls go straight to voice mail. And I get them sent to an email account of my choice. I like that. The softphone acts as caller ID and lists all calls.
Here is a straight forward video on setting it up.  I thought this would be better than me trying to say anything about it.

We’ll see. This is the phone service I have for a year anyway.

As you can tell, I am not a high tech person. I am sure those who are may be going “d’uh”. I just wanted to share a lay persons experience.

Hello 2K10! Introducing myself

January 1, 2010 Leave a comment


For 2010

My first official post!  Thought I would start with some basics so you can know who I am.
Happily single, never married, no kids.  Not seeking a relationship.  I am a middle-aged female – 46.   No, I am not a cougar!

Have one cat Lucy, 2 going on 3 years old.  She came into my life unexpectedly end of August 2009.  This cat is one playful lovebug!    She has an obsession with playing with reusable grocery bags and pens and pencils.  I don’t know why.     She has had a little upset tummy as of late.  Going to make vet appointment for that.

Politically conservative with strong libertarian leanings.  I do not consider myself extreme in those views.  I am pretty much equally put out with all established political parties.

Religion: Christian since 1981; non denominational

Work for the state of Colorado as an Administrative Assistant III.   Also do part-time customer service phone work from home to supplement.  I am seeking a new job preferably still with state government, but a different agency.

Love playing adventure PC games and casual games.  I always need a walk through!  Not into combat RPG types.  Why?  Because I totally suck at the fighting, frankly.   Poor reflexes? 

I do not know how often I will post a blog here.  I do intend to do  a weekly review of DVD movies I have watched.   I will try my very best to use correct spelling, punctuation and grammar.  But my writing will be casual.  I tend to write how I would say it if talking to you face to face. 

Favorite drink: Coffee, Diet Pepsi Max

Favorite food: Pizza (supreme w/everything except anchovies please). 

I confess I am a TV addict. Mostly sci-fi and crime dramas.  Currently favorite shows are:  House, 24, The Closer, Men of  A Certain Age, Castle, NCIS, Saving Grace, V, Flash Forward, LOST,  Mythbusters, Criminal Minds, CSI NY, Burn Notice, CSI, The Mentalist, Stargate Universe, Eureka, Warehouse 13, Fringe.  Guilty Pleasure Shows: Pawn Stars, Parking Wars, CSI Miami.  (Thank God for the DVR! )  Growing on me: NCIS LA and Lie To Me.

I am a doll collector of vintage and some modern fashion dolls.  However, sometimes a different type doll will strike my fancy from time to time.   A little variety is good!  Main ones: Vintage Barbie and especially her cousin Francie.  Tiny Kitty Collier (Tonner/Effanbee); Vivette (DAE Originals) (pictured) ; Little Miss Revlon (Ideal) and look-alikes.  Jem (Kenner/Hasbro); Vintage Dawn (Topper) and other 6.5 in dolls.  I also love “grow hair/hair play” dolls like Crissy and Velvet (Ideal).   I mainly love the beauty and incredible clothes!  I don’t collect for investment or resale – just pure pleasure.  Selfishly for me.

Favorite books: The Bible, Lord of the Rings, Messiah by Boris Starling; The Women’s Murder Club series by Patterson. 

Favorite Movies: Bourne series, The Matrix Trilogy, LOTR movies, all the Harry Potter series.  Too many others to name. I also enjoy some old classics.   One I have to mention as a must see: Joe vs The Volcano with a young Tom Hanks and Meg Ryan.  At some point I will probably write a longer post as to why that movie.

I live in a high-rise apartment in downtown Denver, CO.   I plan to find a different less expensive apartment when my lease expires in March.

I am quite petite.  4’11” (barely!) ; 90 lbs soaking wet.  It is extremely difficult to find clothes that fit correctly!

I don’t drink alcohol, smoke,  sleep around, gamble or do drugs (prescription or otherwise).  Yes, I am very boring.  But healthier and safer I think. 

Favorite movie actor: Matt Damon  Favorite movie actress: Catherine Zeta-Jones

My family history is a long story which I probably won’t go into much.  Not very positive or pleasant.  I have one sister and we were raised by my maternal grandparents.  My grandfather is still alive and lives in my hometown.

I am a former Mary Kay consultant.  As for why the former part, visit  I have moved on and leaving that chapter of my life closed.  Thankfully MK is behind me forever.

In 2K10, I am focusing on growing my relationship with God, my internal character and integrity.

 Happy Blessed New Year everyone!

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