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All I need is the air that I breathe…

March 21, 2013 Leave a comment

Just read about a Pennsylvania school asking students to cut back on body spray. Apparently another student had a severe allergic reaction.

There are flat out just too many heavily fragranced products being used today. Think about all that we expose ourselves to on a daily basis: Colognes, perfumes, cleaning products, candles and air “fresheners”, laundry detergents and dryer sheets, hair, bath and cosmetic items, etc. Isolated, just one probably wouldn’t be an issue. But we don’t do that. These items are used together – potentially toxic. Especially when you consider many are still primarily petroleum based.

I am chemically sensitive and allergic. While not as severe as this student, perfume and fragrances do indeed cause breathing problems and other health issues for me. Scoff if you will but I ask you to walk a mile in my shoes before ridiculing. Yes, even pleasant fragrance can have a negative effect on me.

These high school kids are probably influenced by the Axe commercial indicating you will be irresistible if you use it. So they bathe themselves in the stuff.

If you simply must use perfume or cologne in public, I implore you to go very light with it. Please take into consideration that others you come in contact with may be sensitive (not to mention may simply not share your taste your chosen fragrance). There is no need to drown yourself in a scent. Cologne or perfume is not a substitute for a proper shower, either. Neither is Febreeze a substitute for cleaning (despite what the ads try to show).

I do strongly feel there should be an injunction against wearing fragrance for someone who is working around food. In particular restaurants, convenience stores and grocery stores. Nothing is less appetizing than having perfume being served with your meal. It is difficult enough to navigate the supermarket (with my sensitivities) carefully avoiding the floral department, personal care aisle and household cleaning areas. Lately I am noticing more store employees doused in fragrance as well.

I just want to breath clean fresh air please.


Everything I Need to Know I Have Learned From Judge Judy

February 4, 2013 Leave a comment

Ok.  So my title is a little tongue n cheeky.

However I have come away with some good common sense basic principals from these tv judge shows.

1 –  Money.  Never ever ever lend or borrow money individually.  I don’t care who it is – bff, significant other,  roomate, relative, coworker.  Just don’t – no matter how much you trust them.  If it can’t be avoided : get something in writing that specifically states it is meant as a loan (not a gift).  Also the time frame in which it is expected to be paid back and the payment amount.   Keep that documentation – forever.   Never cosign a loan for anyone else either!

Also with any personal property (like a computer).   If you let someone else “borrow it” make sure there is documentation what the understanding is.   Likely you are not “giving” it to them – just letting them use it for a while.

2 – Vehicles.  Never ever ever let another individual borrow your car.   Never cosign a loan for another person for a car.  Just don’t.   Always maintain your license, registration and insurance in good standing and have those on you at all times.   You may think nothing will ever happen but it can and likely will.   The sale of a vehicle should always have some sort of written documentation.   Parties need to clear on any warranties (if applicable) and conditional issues.  It goes without saying, but never, ever drive under the influence.

3.  Contracts.  Never rely on a verbal agreement for goods or services.   Always always have some sort of written agreement.  As Judge Milian (People’s Court) has said – if you have to get it on toilet paper and written in crayon (paraphrasing) that is better than a verbal.

4.  Renters and Landlords:  First, know the laws in your area regarding evictions, security deposits, who is responsible for maintenance issues etc.   Always have some sort of written rental agreement, even if it is a very casual situation.   Take date and time stamped pictures of the rental property at move in and move out.   If you get into a dispute re: the security deposit or maintenance issue pictures will be worth 1000 words.   Roomates .   You don’t have to be Sheldon Cooper about it but I don’t think it is a bad idea to have a written “roomate agreement’ so there is an understanding how things will be taken care of and what is expected.  How will rent and other common expenses be split?  How will it  be handled if things go south and someone moves out?    And above all, make sure everyone living in the place gets their name on and signs the lease.

5.  Become OCD about documentation.   Take pictures.  Keep receipts and paperwork.  Keep track of names and dates.   I think that is what so much of this comes down to.    In civil court, the one who has sufficiently documented their side of things almost always gets the ruling in their favor.   These days it is better to have it and never need it, than vice versa.

6.  “Um”, “kind of” – vague responses are not an answer to a judge’s question.  If you don’t remember or don’t know – simply say so honestly.  Don’t waste a judges time.   Tell your story truthfully, factually and concisely.   Be prepared.  Dress appropriately.   Whether it is in an actual small claims situation or you get on one of these shows, don’t make a fool of yourself.

7.    Judge Milian pointed out recently that a sincere apology for something that happened is never followed by “but”.    I thought truer words were never spoken. (paraphrased)

8.   Pets – always keep your pet(s) secure and under your control.   It protects them and you.  No matter how sweet you think your furball is, things can happen.  Or something could happen to them.   You as the pet owner or caretaker are responsible for their safety and behavior.

I am sure there is far more to be said, so feel free to add your own tips!   I haven’t really addressed parents and kids.   I am single and never been a parent.   So don’t feel I should speak about what I don’t know first hand.

Final thought:  If people really practiced the golden rule, a lot of these small disputes could be totally avoided.

12 people I would most like to…

April 28, 2010 Leave a comment


  1. Sing a duet with – Clay Aiken.   Specifically Mockingbird ala James Taylor and Carly Simon.  
  2. Have decorate my home – Mark Brunetz.   He is truly an incredible designer and does honestly work magic with a small budget.
  3. Teach me how to cook – Alton Brown.  He is the only who makes it seem worth the effort in any way shape or form. 
  4. Sit down and have a cup of coffee and discuss life with – Amy Grant.   Her Christian songs have really impacted me.     
  5. Be my general contractor  – Mike Holmes.  Only one I would trust to make sure it was done right the first time.
  6. Be on their TV show (or at least be on the set while filming)  – The Mythbusters !   They just look like they are always having so much fun.
  7. Have plastic surgery to look exactly like – Catherine Zeta Jones. 
  8. Be my personal stylist  – Tim Gunn.  A true class act.
  9. Organize me and teach me how to stay that way – Peter Walsh and Hellen Buttigieg.   Yep, it would take both of those powerhouses to do so.
  10. Give a piece of my mind to – President Obama, as well as all Senators and members of the House regardless of political affiliation.    
  11. See turn their life around – Amy Winehouse.  Incredible talent but a troubled soul.
  12. Be stranded on a desert island with – Johnny Depp


How about you?   What would your list look like and who would be on it?