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This past week – job hunting experience – bad and good.

January 13, 2013 Leave a comment

I am looking very actively and hard for a different job.

First, the bad experience:

I applied with Alpine Access for a work at home customer service position. Alpine is a legit company that does outsourced customer service for various clients.This is probably the third time over the course of several years that I have tried to get on with them.
Feel like I was just put through the ringer with them and their ridiculous hiring process.
I realize they have to be careful about who they hire. However, I feel they make it as difficult as
possible – unnecessarily so IMO. I do not feel their hiring process really gives well qualified people a chance.  I applied.  Went through several assessments online (mostly touchy feely personality stuff
that has little to do with if you are qualified for the job). Asked to select a time for a phone “interview”   I  scheduled mine for Monday the 7th.
These are not real interviews. It is a group presentation about their requirements and positions.
We got less than an minute to describe our experience and why we would be a good fit.
They required 3 screen shots, which we had to do quickly while waiting for the presentation to begin.
That wasted a lot of time while everyone tried to get those done. So, this first interview lasted approx 1 hr 45 min.
I was put in another “chat room” with other candidates. We were to wait until our name popped up to call in to
to talk to a recruiter. Again, I thought this would be my chance to talk with someone one on one. Well, sort of. First there were nearly 50 people they had to get through. I waited patiently from approx 11:40 to 2:40 pm (yep – 3 hours!) for my name to finally get to top of queue and I called in. Then it was just a minute or so conversation to again schedule another group “interview”.   That session was Wednesday morning. I attended that thinking I would have a chance, being able to proceed. The “host” was quite abrupt and rude with everyone. After not being allowed to say anything or ask any questions, we were each given an assignment. After some mild technical difficulties, I completed my question and answered it (I thought) correctly from the information provided that they directed us to. Then was told I was being moved yet again into another “chat room”. I was not chosen because all that “chat room” told me that if they decided to move forward with me I would be contacted. According to what I read in my candidate profile today at least they decided not to select me. I have not been contacted directly and don’t expect to be. I honestly don’t know what kind of candidate they are looking for. I have 4+ years direct customer service experience. I am responsible, have a good home environment to work from home, solid work history, etc. I meet all their general requirements to apply. This was not my first time applying with them, but never even got this far along in the process before. It will however, be my last dealing with them. Whatever they are looking for, apparently I don’t have. I feel the cards are stacked against candidates and feel their hiring process leaves much to be desired. They say they only hire “the best of the best”. I saw other far less educated, less experienced candidates get hired ASAP by them. Is it because I am an middle age white female? Hmmm… I am officially done with trying to get on with Alpine Access. I am just chalking this time wasting grueling soul killing hiring process up to experience and moving on to potential employers who have an appreciation and respect for their candidates.

I want to make it clear, I am not just upset because I didn’t get hired by Alpine.  If I felt I had been given a shot, I could hold my head up high knowing I had given it my best effort.   The problem for me is that I don’t feel I was even given an real honest opportunity  due to the way everything was handled and their hiring practices.

On the positive front:

I had applied for administrative assistant position at a local medical facility.   Had a phone screening with an HR person.  Then late last week an interview with the office manager and HR person.  I am not going to name specifics so as not to jinx anything.  I felt the interview went very well.  However, I can be a poor judge at that.  The job would be a really good fit for me.  Thank you letters were emailed almost immediately after.   So really hoping I get the offer.  They said I should hear something early next week.    If not, at least they gave me a real chance, and that I was able to give it my best shot, opposed to my experience with Alpine.

Job hunting can be really difficult these days given the economy and other factors.

Update:  Sadly, I did not get the job at the medical facility.  I soldier on.  1/22/2013.