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Come On 2014 – I think I’m ready for you!

December 30, 2013 Leave a comment

Here are my 2014 Goals and Resolutions (for lack of a better term): 

Daily Prayer need: wisdom and clarity of mind/heart.   As far as my personal responsibility in them, the majority of my problems/struggles in life stem from bad emotionally based decision making.   So this prayer is imperative.

Uninterrupted, undistracted devotional time every AM.  No compromise. This includes Bible reading/study, prayer and praise and worship music.

To make my coffee at home and take it in to work in a travel mug instead of spending more $ for it someplace.  Also buy everything in advance at the grocery store (soda, water, snacks, lunch for work, etc.) instead of fast food places or convenience stores – or God forgive me, vending machines.  In fact, the ONLY thing I can buy at a gas station – is gas for my car for all of 2014.  No fast food eating out for the entire year.   These are by far my personal biggest money and time wasters.  Admit this will be an adjustment for me at first and take discipline, budgeting better and time management. 

To find a better job that pays enough for me to live out on my own again and NOT have to work a 2nd part time job.  I am too old and exhausted for “roomies” and multiple jobs, frankly.  Target date May 31 when my initial lease with roommate(s) expires.   No later than a year (next Dec) for sure.

Dress much better and professionally for my current 9-5 job (not to mention if/when I get a better one) I am allowed to be very casual at my present work and have gotten lazy about this.   Remember to dress for the job I WANT not the one I have.   Along that line, build a real wardrobe.   Plan:  to put together one really quality outfit (for $100 or less including bag, shoes and any other accessories) every month.   Usually via EBay and/or 2nd hand stores.   Side benefit: it will help me feel better about myself and hopefully garner a little more respect from others.    Sadly many people DO judge you (harshly!) on outward appearance. 

To track every single penny I spend, create a real working budget and stick to it like superglue so I can spend it on things that really matter.

To plan & save for a small getaway NEXT holiday season.  I don’t have family to spend it with and every year I find myself sorely wishing I had done this.  Goal for next Christmas thru New Year:  current idea: Vegas for a few days, the Hoover Dam and the Grand Canyon (Never seen it!).  (I don’t gamble – just to see the sights and maybe a show or two in sin city).   Not undoable or terribly extravagant traveling from Colorado. 

Also NEXT Christmas: Do a 1 page “newsletter” and/or cards; do the tree, lights, decorations and music.  Do real Christmas shopping for people.   I didn’t really do much of anything this year for the Holiday due to a move and financial distress.  Need to rekindle the joy of the season for myself.

To go through every single thing I own.  Purge (sell or donate) what is not absolutely necessary, not being used and/or not really loved.  Index and organize what remains – a place for everything and everything in its place.   Same for anything and everything new I buy and bring in.

Get my car fully detailed by end of January and work to keep it maintained and clean all year!

Keep my living and work spaces immaculate:  tidy, picked up, disinfected, deodorized and 100% clean

As much as I hate it, take the bus to and from work daily to save maintenance and gas on vehicle.  I can get a free bus pass from work anyway.

Walk every day and a drink 20 oz. (min) of pure water daily.  Can put flavoring in water if necessary to build the habit.   So many of my physical issues are stemming from not doing this – especially mild dehydration.   Never been big on lots of water, so keeping it realistic – but my body is telling me it needs it.

Limit personal email and phone message checking to 2x day:  9 am and 3 pm.    Twitter and any other social networks only once a day (after I get home from work, while dinner is cooking) – then done.   This is aside from true emergencies or something honestly vital is happening that I have to monitor.   It can wait!  I need downtime away from people, the internet and to unplug.   Other personal internet browsing limited to ½ hour a day in the am before work while having breakfast/coffee – reserved for job hunting primarily.  Outside of that, I can’t think of anything in my personal life that would truly require a more immediate response or presence.  Absolutely NO personal internet at work!! 

NO donuts, chocolates, cookies, pastry (or any other sweet deserts/snacks in general) and NO alcohol in 2014 (yep, not even socially).  Just don’t need them in my life OR body.  They certainly won’t help with clarity of mind and heart.  Empty calories and empty money spent on them too. 

 How about you?  What do you want your life to be in 2014?