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White Collar “Honor Among Thieves” Reflux (Season 4, Episode 5)

August 15, 2012 Leave a comment


I am having such a major negative reaction to this most recently aired episode.  Forgive me for a bit of rant here.

I enjoyed the first couple seasons of White Collar.  However, Neal’s shtick begins to wear thin after a while. Even those devilishly good looks aren’t enough to redeem him in my eyes.  I told myself when this newest season started, that Neal would have to prove himself to me.  He would have to be loyal to Peter and demonstrate by his actions he had indeed changed.  If I didn’t see that, I would stop tuning in to the show. I thought that was the direction Neal was headed when he helped Peter return to White Collar division.  How disappointed I am in the turn this seems to have taken.  Here we have Neal once again pulling a con and completely betraying Peter’s trust.  Once again, we see Peter pulling strings, having to bail him out to avoid jail. No honor to be found IMO.

Predictable Prediction: Now that Neal has the drive, he will find Sam and in turn, Ellen’s killer.  He will pursue them on his own, placing Neal in an extremely dangerous situation.  Peter will come to Neal’s rescue just in time and save him as he done several times before.

So, I have decided I am done watching White Collar.

Please alert me if Neal ever gets over himself, his daddy issues and his Peter (no pun intended) Pan complex.  Call me immediately if there is ever a Mozzie spin off (which I would die for.) Peter needs to stop enabling Neal!  I know Peter loves Neal like a son and as a partner. He doesn’t want anything bad to happen to him. Understandable.  Peter is such a wonderful stand up guy.  But maybe Peter needs to let Neal face the harsh consequences of his actions for once. Only way Neal will ever mature and change.  Or at least one would hope.

I’ve said my peace and counted to three.